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Welcome to Lowson Memorial Parish Church

Reaching the Community

Here at the Lowson Memorial, we believe that we are more than just members or attenders of a congregation – we are FAMILY and, more importantly, God’s family. Please come and join us and spend time together for worship and prayer and for fellowship so that as we grow in our relationship with God, we also grow closer in our relationship with one another.


Covid Statement

Covid 19 has severely restricted the activities that take place in our Church Buildings so most of them have been temporarily postponed. We will post updates on this page with dates and times as and when they reopen.

However, our Sunday worship services will resume on Easter Sunday . We have two services on Sunday mornings (10am and 11.15am). Please see the worship page for booking details.

We've also moved worship online, available on our Lowson Memorial YouTube channel. You can join our online Sunday School too! Just text or phone Chloe Leuchars on 07527352468 for details.

Upcoming events