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Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are only allowed to have 50 people on site - and this includes the grounds - at any one time. So to allow more people to access worship, we are going to hold 2 services every Sunday morning . We are currently not allowed to sing, so the services will be considerably shorter so the first Sunday service will be at 10am followed by a second at 11.15am.


We need some form of booking system as we would hate to be in the position of turning people away at the door. So we now have a separate number for you to phone if you want to come along.

Give us a call or a text on 07467 028640 and let us know which service you want to attend so that we can book you in. We also need to be part of the Government's Track and Trace Scheme so this will give us your name and number in advance. (Once you've booked, please let us know if you can't make it so that we can give the place to someone else.)


On arrival, you will need to wear a mask to enter the building (we have plenty as well so don't worry if you turn up and you've forgotten to bring one) and keep it on until you leave. We have hand sanitizer at every door for you to use when you enter and as you leave. To keep you all safe, we will ensure that you are 2 metres apart from anyone else so we will need to show you and anyone with you to your seats.

However, no matter how hard we try to keep you safe, we cannot eliminate all risk, especially if you fall into a vulnerable category, which includes age and medical condition. If you fall into a higher risk category, please stay safe and stay at home and continue to watch on line for now - just type YouTube Lowson Memorial into your Google search box and all of the services will appear. We are hoping to soon be able to stream the service live but, as there is no singing allowed in the Church at the moment, we will continue to have pre-recorded praise and worship on line so that we can all have a good sing at home. There will still also be a mid - week service which will change to a Thursday evening instead of the current Wednesday.


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