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Outreach Fund

This important fund allows us to buy all of the extra food supplies that we need for our Food Project and Lunch Club. It also covers the costs of our Community Events such as Holiday Clubs, Firework/Light Nights and Fun Days. It gives us the funding that we need to touch the town with God's love. Thank - you for your donation.


Community Hub Fund

We need just over a million pounds to finance our new Hub, which will greatly improve our facilities and allow us to provide a greater resource to our local community. We'll also be able to accommodate a small cafe and play area where people can meet as well as providing space for other activities and organisations.

All donations are gratefully received - Thank - you. 


General Fund

This very necessary fund is often overlooked - it pays all of the bills and keeps the heating and lighting on in our buildings. It pays for all of the overhead costs for all of our buildings, for our administration (photocopying etc.), for our worship and music, for running our minibus and all of our cleaning supplies. This is our main fund that underpins all that we do so we are always very grateful for all donations. Thank - you so much.