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Christmas may well be very much restricted this year, but it is certainly not cancelled at Lowson Memorial Parish Church!


To request words for Doorstep Carols, please email kmfenwick@talktalk.net


Christmas Eve will be a great night:-

We are going to run 2 family services in the late afternoon at 4pm & 5pm. We're not allowed to sing but our puppets can, so they will perform. We're also not allowed to hand out dressing up clothes BUT the children CAN come dressed up and take part as well. We're also only allowed 50 at each service so you need to phone and book. The number is 07467 028640. Please tell us how many will be in your party (and how many are children) so that we can accommodate you all.

But don't worry if you miss out - remember that Jesus is the light of the world so we're going to light up the Church again! And we'll play music too for a good old Christmas sing along! Remember no crowds please, but you can sit in your car!